Are Skin Lighteners Safe?

Who doesn’t wish to flaunt a lighter skin tone? Women for ages have always looked for ways and means to lighten their skins. For some it is about lightening their overall complexion while for the rest it is all about getting rid of the dark patches and achieving an even skin tone. When you are able to achieve it you feel a sense of gratification. It adds to your confidence and makes you feel more beautiful. The kind of lifestyle that most women live these days where they are exposed to dirt and pollutants, natural skin tone is often lost. Women whose job requires them to stay outdoors are the worst sufferers. The demand for skin lighteners has grown exponentially as more women have joined the workforce over the last few decades.

There is a myth widely believed that women with darker skin tones aspire for skin lightening. This is completely false as women with lighter skin tones equally aspire to look fairer and have smooth and glowing skin with even tone. An uneven skin tone can affect your confidence and this is the reason women around the world and across age groups always aspire to have lighter and even skin tone. There is no woman who doesn’t devote some of her precious time every day to skin care. Skin whitening supplements are readily available and they are widely used to achieve desired skin tone. They aren’t merely used to lighten the natural colour of the skin but also to regain the original complexion.

Is Skin Lightening Safe?

If you have concerns about skin lightening, your concerns are genuine. You may have come across tons of articles and opinion pieces that highlight the obsession with skin lightening products and their risks. Most of these opinions are genuine and legit as the market is flooded with skin lightening products that can do more harm to your skin and its tone in the long run. Some of these products have been banned in certain parts of the world due to the risks they pose. It might come to you as a shock and surprise that many of these over the counter products that are dirt cheap since these are nothing but bleaching agents. These aren’t much different from the chemical you use to wash your linen! While you may experience lighter skin tone immediately prolonged use of these products can damage your skin.

You might now ask – if skin lightening is fraught with risks, why should one try it? While experts do discourage the use of bleaching agents for skin lightening they don’t tell you to avoid natural ways of skin lightening. These are safe and do not damage your skin. In fact many of the skin lightening agents that were used till a century ago were made of natural ingredients (mainly sourced from plants and animal extracts) and didn’t pose any harm to your skin and health. It is only in the last hundred years or so where big corporations took over the skincare market we saw the introduction of these cheap and harmful products. There are markets where these products are sold for less than a dollar! You can safely assume the kind of ingredients that are used to make these products.

But there are safe alternatives to achieving an even skin tone and these products aren’t chemical laced agents like you find in your neighbourhood retail store. No we aren’t telling you to start extracting ingredients from trees and animals to achieve beautiful and flawless skin. At Organic Skin we have entered the skin lightening market with the commitment of offering you safe and organic products. We bring to you safe skin lightening creams and skin whitening supplements that help you achieve lighter and even skin tone without affecting your skin.

What’s our magic ingredient?

Our natural face whitening cream for womens and supplement have glutathione as an active ingredient. This is a natural and organic agent that is extracted from plants, animals and microorganisms. This antioxidant can work wonders when it comes to lightening your skin and also reducing pigmentation. Glutathione is as natural an antioxidant you will be able to find as this is produced by the liver inside our body. This is the reason this is used in drugs that are used in treating people with lung diseases, HIV, asthma, cancer and certain cardiac diseases. It is 100% safe and natural and hence causes no side effects on your body. When the liver doesn’t produce Glutathione in sufficient volumes your immune system tends to become weaker.

How does Glutathione help your skin?

This antioxidant helps in fighting the free radicals which in turn helps in lightening your skin, improving its overall health and reducing signs of ageing. We bring to you a wide range of safe skin lightening creams and skin whitening supplements. From High Potency Glutathione Gold Extract Scrubs to OSL Lightening Lotion and Lightening Soap to Maximum Strength OSL Lightening Pills, we have the widest selection of natural skin lightening serum. Each of our products has been formulated using the latest scientific methods and undergo numerous clinical studies to assure you of safety and a great experience.

Our Vegetarian Capsules with 1000mg L-Glutathione complex increases serum glutathione boosting the immune system and detoxifying your body. This gradually lightens your skin by reducing the skin pigment melanin and reduces wrinkles which make you look younger. Our natural skin lightening serum also has 200mg of Collagen Types 1 & 3 which apart from reducing fine lines and wrinkles help in improving the elasticity of your skin. Your bones are made up of collagen Type 1 and 3 and completing the course of our capsules will also improve your bone matrix that reduces the signs of ageing in your face. Collagen Type 1 and 3 are also known to improve the production of glycine production that helps in building your lean muscles and helps faster burning of fat around your face.

Start using skin lightening cream for face from Organic Skin Lightener. Our products are natural, organic and safe. You will start seeing results in few weeks.